Hyper island project during the exploring technology module.

The Black Hole was a interactive installation me and my team built for the annual exploring technology exhibition in 2011. We built a small room in which we fitted three screens with crosswired webcams. The computers running the screens were programmed to add different amounts of delay on each webcam. We also added a fourth screen on the outside of the room with a massive amount of delay - so the persons leaving the "black hole" could see a replay of themselves playing around and being generally confused. We also fitted a microphone and speakers in the room that distorted and delayed sound in realtime. It was basically one huge mindf**k. And a huge success.

"The Black Hole is an interactive experience that tickles your curiosity and plays tricks on your perception. Are you ready to explore the unknown?" 

Exhibition: workhardplayhard.se

 Our page in the exhibition magazine

Our page in the exhibition magazine

Astrid Sylvester P. Hongset
Fredrik Gustafsson Dejert
Joanne Lam
Robin Rådenman
Soumar Taliaa
Anton Andersson