A hyper island project during the module branding and visual design.

During our the module we had to re-brand another groups startup idea. We got helpables - an online service which works as an eBay for errands and odd jobs.

I worked on designing the "helpables world", the website and the app.

"Helping people brings about a sense of joy and fulfillment that is universal. When talking about Helpables as a company, we want to speak to that feel-good vibe which comes with helping others. We want to communicate the feeling of trustworthiness, cooperation and collaboration - the fundamental values of any neighbourhood. Most of all, we want to position Helpables as a quick and dynamic company that accommodates its broad user network in a reliable manner. Based on this brand voice, we have created a simple, attractive and easy-tounderstand visual identity for the Helpables brand. User experience and visual communication are of utmost importance to our design."

Helpables app & website mockups


Helpables nation design

More elements for helpables nation.