My name is Fredrik Dejert, i’m a burger loving hardcore gaming multidisciplinary digital creative based in Stockholm. I’m a fresh graduate from the digital media program at Hyper Island where i dreamt up and created solutions in the digital world. I enjoy being a part of the whole creative process from idea generation to crafting the final solution. Since i was a kid i've always been immensely curious about and inspired by technology. That curiosity together with a general passion for good looking shit and things that make people smile is what makes me who i am. When i'm not working or creating stuff you'll probably find me making burgers, playing retro games or having a beer with my friends. 

I just got back from a 7 month internship as a motion designer at SuperHeroes in Amsterdam and I'm ready for new challenges. So don't hesitate to contact me whether it's about work or if you just want to chat!